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Terms and Definitions for the
Lane Closure System Web Report


Indicates closure was canceled
Completed (1098)
Indicates planned lane closure has been completed and lane has been reopened
No Status
Indicates lane closure is planned but is not yet underway or canceled
In Progress
Indicates planned lane closure is in progress (lanes are closed)

Type of Facilities

A connecting roadway from one state highway to another state highway
Conventional Hwy
An arterial highway without access control, i.e. with intersections rather then interchanges
A boat that carries vehicles
High Occupancy Vehicle lane, also known as carpool lanes
HOV Connector
A roadway connecting a freeway to another freeway, exclusively for high occupancy vehicles
HOV On or Off Ramp
HOV ramps that provide access between HOV lanes and conventional highways, streets, roads, transit facilities, or park and ride facilities
A freeway with access control, i.e. with interchanges rather than intersections
On or Off Ramp
A roadway connecting a freeway to another road or roadside area
Rest Area
A facility along a state highway with rest rooms and services for travelers
Surface Street
A local road primarily for access to a residence, business, or other nearby property that is affected by a construction project
Toll Bridge
A bridge that vehicles may access after motorists pay a direct toll or fee
Toll Plaza
A facility with booths where travelers pay a direct toll or fee to access the road
Truck Bypass
A highway that allows semi-truck traffic to avoid an urban area
Truck Connector
A roadway that connects truck lanes between two different routes
Underground roads

Type of Closure

Alternating Lanes
One lane of the roadway will be closed at any given time
The roadway will be completely closed and an alternate or detour route must be used
Individual lanes will be closed. Lanes are numbered from the median to the outside shoulder, or from left to right (left shoulder, #1, #2, #3, right shoulder, etc.)
Long Term
A lane closure scheduled for more than 24 hours
Lanes will be open during work, but motorists are required to drive slowly behind work vehicles
Traffic will be stopped in both directions by flaggers who will direct motorists to stop or continue; only one direction of traffic can go at a time
A planned lane closure list for an entire route within California
Total # of Existing Lanes
The number of lanes on a freeway, highway or surface street


Northbound, Eastbound, Westbound, Southbound
South of

Closure ID

Closure ID #
Closure Identification Number. The first letter designates the department (Construction, Maintenance or Permits), with a number that represents the highway, followed by two letters that indicate a specific project or Caltrans maintenance area
Log #
A number assigned to a particular closure for one day and associated with a closure ID. These numbers are random and recycle every week